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A Capricorn, Born in the Bronx, New York in 1994, Raised in Reading, PA since
2003, Sara Zoraida Sierra, professionally known as “Sara Zee”, is an urban, trendy mixture of Latin pop/urban r&b, female artist. Majority of her music is upbeat rhythm with catchy hooks/chorus to keep her music replaying in everyone’s minds. “Dale Ruum Ruum” released in 2021, “Good Good” released in 2020 and “Bad Bitch” released in 2020, are examples of good tunes that just replay in ones mind, which is her Goal every time she writes and creates new music.

Stay Humble

Stay Real

Stay You


Sara Zee, growing up, went through many traumas, and would sing made up songs to stray away from reality.  Sara Zee discovered her musical ability at the age of 9, after she saw a movie called “Selena”(a biography of Selena Quintanilla-Perez’s life). Quintanilla-Perez’s beauty, voice, life’s struggles, perseverance, and humble, pure heart gave Sara Zee inspiration and hope that one day she could reach her hearts desires. Sara Zee had a group of friends who had the same musical interest at her. Her friends who were 14 at the time, showed her their CD they recorded at the age of 12, she was Inspired when she heard their CD and that is what gave her a push to start writing her own music. Altogether throughout the years her friends would share their music, lyrics and thoughts with one another to improve one another’s musical abilities. Sara Zee created her own sense of style, providing a mixture of music that helped people be more confident, happy, inspirational, gloomy, heartbreak feels to be able to relate to her fans in every way possible.

Sara Zee is currently working on her Album “Phases” which she will be releasing soon. She’s been working behind the scenes getting everything situated for her Clothing Line “Trend Like Sara Zee”. She has upcoming shows in the Tri-State area and is excited to share everything she has been working on with her fans!  She strives to be the best version of herself every day to be better than yesterday. Sara Zee is a deeply passionate, committed, ambitious person who always looks for the best in people and uplifts everyone she comes across. Sara Zee’s promise to her public is to

“Stay Humble, Stay Real, “Stay You”.


Sara Zee-Zero Compromiso

Sara Zee-Intensa

Sara Zee-Dale Ruum Ruum

Sara Zee-Let It Go

Sara Zee- Good Good

Sara Zee-Bad Bitch ft. Killa Cee

Sara Zee-Addicted

Sara Zee-Just Be Friends Spanish Remix ft. Flowstyles

Sara Zee-Whats Love ft Killa Cee

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